Mission Statement

Located in the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley, our Boys and Girls teams compete in the Southern California Soccer League (SoCal). Our team practices, Goalkeeper training and Skills Training Program are held at Central Park and other local parks. If you are interested in joining an LAFC SoCal Youth-SCV team, or have any questions concerning our program, fees, or registration, please contact one of the following Club representatives, the President, Cliff Penick, at (661) 313-1335 or the Executive Director of Coaching, Sergio Salvadori at (661) 803-9721. 



Our purpose is to promote and provide non-profit public educational soccer competition for youth, boys and girls, under nineteen (19) years of age, for the following reasons: 

  • To provide education in the rules and skills of soccer
  • To provide good, wholesome, competitive fun
  • To develop youth physically
  • To develop all around athletic skills
  • To develop good character and sportsmanship
  • To provide positive coaching to kids
  • To provide a service to the community through positive relationships with other organization
  • To emphasize the Spirit of the Laws as well as the Letter of the Laws.